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3D technology in schools

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6 October, 2011

At the Abbey School in Reading they`ve started introducing 3D-image technology. This innovation has already received a lot of recommendations.

Introduction of a new technology for educational purposes is taking place at biology lessons or, rather, at anatomy ones. Computer anatomic model images are painted in 3D. Students put on 3D-glasses as they do at the cinema and watch models in all three dimensions.

It must be pointed out that they are shown not just static models, but dynamics and functioning of human organs.

At present, the experiment is held not only in England but in other six European countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Swiss and Turkey. All together, 740 pupils take part in this project.

As first results show, 92% of students in 3D classes listen to teacher`s explanations attentively in comparison with 46% of them in traditional classes. There is an increase in progress. Now 86% of students demonstrate good results while in common classes - only 52%.