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YouTube Debuts 2D to 3D Video Converter Tool

Дата публикации: 
6 October, 2011

The major video portal all over the world has received a new portion of update. This time Google team developers added the opportunity of 2D to 3D conversion.

The corresponding converter tool is available in video editor`s menu which appeared last week on YouTube. The tool is now in beta but, nevertheless, it functions well.

To convert 2D video in 3D one needn`t have an experience in video editing, YouTube will do everything itself.

Every registered user now can try new YouTube tools and all users having 3D displays can watch converted videos.

In addition to 2D to 3D converter tool, Google developers introduced some changes in video service algorithms. Not so long registered users could upload only15-minute clips but YouTube has finally lifted the time limit ban on videos from 15 minutes to unlimited for all users.

Besides, there appeared two new video creation platforms. The first one is called “Vlix” and contains a great deal of miscellaneous cool effects.

The second one is called “Magisto”. It takes a full-form unedited video and automatically edits it into short, fun clips.

Today previously mentioned tools are strictly software based. This Google option hasn`t been updated for portable devices so far.

According to the opinion of Electronista staff, new YouTube tools significantly reduce the usage of off-line video editing programmes such as Adobe Premiere Elements and iMovie by Apple.

Georgiy Orlov