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Google launches helicopter view in Google Maps

Дата публикации: 
6 October, 2011

Google Maps launches a new option «Helicopter view» thanks to which a user can now enjoy a virtual flight over the route.

After pressing the new "3D" play button next to the text “Driving directions” the view zooms in to the Helicopter View and follows the recommended route. This option was realized on the base of Google Earth Project and works in a full browser and requires the Google Earth plugin.

Any moment users can pause the progress by clicking the pause to explore the map by the usual clicking and dragging - or to wait for the image data to download. While the option is working it`s impossible to change settings.
The option is available only in those regions where Google Maps can make a route. Developers consider that “Helicopter view” will let users plan their journeys and assess views of a route much better. To get back to 2D it`s enough to push the 2D button.
Google Earth project was launched in June 2005. Unlike Google Maps cartographical service, Google Earth was 3D-maps with satellite high-resolution photos.