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Interactive Manuals Cortona3D Rapid

Cortona3D Rapid Interactive Manuals

3DIT is a partner company of ParallelGraphics responsible for sales and implementation of Cortona3D Rapid interactive manuals. We offer software which makes it possible to replace bulky tech manuals with clear and easily understood 3D animation. Cortona3D Rapid interactive manuals contain not only 3D graphics of the parts and devices, but also demonstrate the assembly, maintenance and repair processes.
The files are based on open standards and are compatible with basic computer software, thus do not require any specialized software products. For this reason, the resulting files can be used easily inside the company and sent to clients.
The advantage of Cortona3D Rapid interactive manuals is their accessibility — there’s no need for translation, thus they can be easily used in communication with foreign partners. Also, they can be used time and again in device catalog production.
Using Cortona3D Rapid interactive manuals allows companies to not only offer high quality products at reasonable prices but also to provide aftersales technical service. Cortona3D Rapid technologies can be effectively used to make 3D graphics of any kind of equipment and in every industrial sector.

Cortona3D Rapid offers the following products:
  • Cortona3D RapidManual is the toolkit for fast and easy production of digital interactive maintenance and operation manuals. RapidManual lets you view the objects from any angle and study in detail how complex equipment works.
  • Cortona3D RapidCatalog is a toolkit for creation of 3D catalogs.
  • Cortona3D RapidLearning is the best software for training. Its users can study the whole production process. Each step is illustrated with detailed 3D animation. Cortona3D RapidLearning includes tools for training and certification, as well as for viewing the progress.
Benefits from Cortona3D Rapid interactive manuals:
  • Lower expenses. 3D models cost much less than mock-ups
  • Faster production cycles, competitive edge, enhanced prestige
  • Lower risks of client-side errors and lower product return rate
  • Lower maintenance costs. Users can study these manuals and learn how to work with the device provided by themselves
  • Lower employee training costs and shorter duration
  • Higher effectiveness of such training
  • The project can be issued as a stand-alone product or can be integrated into any kind of Information System
  • Product 3D models can be published on your website (CAD systems are not required to view these models)
Successful implementation:
  • Aviation — Sukhoi, Boeing;
  • Shipbuilding — The Admiralty Shipyards;
  • Other industries — Logicom (gas facilities)…