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About us

Company information
3DIT is a family-run business based in Samara, Russia, and operating since 2004. Today the company incorporates 4 separate departments, each providing a variety of IT services: 3D- modeling, web design, software sales and IT-outsourcing, and accounting software and support.
3D-modeling is our principal unit. We employ 4 designers full time and bring in 2 more people for major time-bound projects. The specialists each have 10 to 13 years personal experience in 3D graphics, and more than 4 years of working together as one team.
Our company provides services to almost 50 regular customers, listed on our web site. So far, we have accomplished over 80 projects in 3D modeling, and do 1-2 more every month. Most of them are apartment, house and cottage community models for real estate firms and developers. Thus, we excel in creating high-resolution images strictly in accordance with building design documentation. At the same time, our specialists have also successfully performed projects from scratch, shaping models from just the client’s verbal description.
To maintain quality standards, senior employees and the company's managing partner (an experienced 3D designer himself) always perform quality control and verification on designers’ work before submitting them to the clients.

Products and services
  • High-resolution 3D image
  • Animation movies, including video and 3D graphics
  • 3D clips, complete with models, animation and sound
  • Presentations featuring 3D models (PowerPoint, Flash)
  • Virtual reality modeling (VRML) projects and interactive 3D environments
3DIT utilizes the following 3D graphics software packages:
  • 3ds Max
  • Cinema 4D
  • Maya (optional)
The packages are upgraded with Plugins, including Mental Ray and VRay.

Please consider the samples of our work.