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As experience shows, economic and financial software operate well for a long time only when regularly updated. Laws are changing, as are the calculation techniques and regulations governing internal transactions and enterprise accounting. That's why using outdated software may lead to unacceptable consequences.

3DIT offers to 1C:Enterprise users a full-service consulting, technical and methodological support. Such support is provided based on monthly subscription to ‘1C:Enterprise Information and Technological Support’ (abbr. ITS).

ITS is a complex approach to 1C: Enterprise software users support, including:

  • 1C:Enterprise software updates (including internet updates);
  • practical and methodical recommendations on using 1C:Enterprise software;
  • exclusive manuals relating to general taxes and fees.
  • leading economics publications;
  • exclusive explanations of recent changes in legislation;
  • up-to-date regulatory and legal information.

ITS Prof — flagman of the ITS family

All-purpose support solution for 1C:Enterprise software, a rich source of exclusive information concerning accounting, fiscal and labor law, plus unique information relating to 1C:Enterprise software use.

ITS for budgetary institutions

1C provides a monthly issue for budgetary institutions — ITS Budgetary Prof. Includes forms, software and applied solutions releases for budgetary institutions, budgetary financial and economic operations reference books, methodological support and periodicals for budgetary institutions, papers and the schedule of 1C:Consulting seminars relating to budgetary and payroll accounting, ‘1C:Accounting for budgetary institutions’ tests used for ‘1C:Professional’ certification, schedule of training courses.

ITS for construction companies

In order to provide immediate and regular technical, informational and methodological support for construction companies, 1C provides a monthly issue — ‘Information and Technological Support for Construction Companies’ CD.

ITS for medical organizations

ITS Medicine will be especially attractive for medical organizations with intra-hospital pharmacy services, networks of pharmacies and retail apothecaries, as well as for any other organizations working with drugs. ITS Medicine can be used as a source for ‘1C:Medicine. Financial and Economical Activities’ and other ‘1C:Enterprise 8’ based applied solutions with apothecary items classifier.

ITS Techno

This variant of ITS includes only software and forms updates, as well as a ‘Consulting department advice’ section.

Comparison table of ITS prices

Price, Russian rubles
ITS. Prof, DVD, 6 month subscription
ITS. Budgetary. Prof, DVD, 6 month subscription
ITS Construction, DVD, 6 month subscription
ITS Medicine, 6 month subscription
ITS Techno, DVD, 6 month subscription